Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Kiss You

Moge zrobic domofon.

With the release of the Borat documentary only weeks away, it is getting harder and harder to sleep at night. However, while performing some extensive internet research on the subject, HPO has learned that a man named Mahir Cagri exists. There are suspicious similarities between Mahir Cagri's homepage and the style of Borat. In the words of Borat himself, "There is a smell... it smell like a shit."
Something stinks here, but how can you not respect this guy's website? Here, in abridged format, are the highlights of his page:
  • Every one of his pictures features him in the company of men. Only men. And, every single man in the pictures has some sort of facial hair.
  • He explicitly expresses an affection for "nice nude models".
  • Somehow, his site has received 850,000 hits.
  • "I like sex"
  • He enjoys playing "musical enstrumens"
  • The grammar and spelling of his page rival the Jeppson's Malort bottle.


The similarities to Borat are notable, leading us to believe that the two may have been separated at birth. But apparently, this Mahir guy's life ain't all that bad.
Borat's website is pretty good too. Prepare for hand relief.


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