Wednesday, May 24, 2006

C is for "Chest Hair"

Separated at birth?

Tom Jones and Neil Diamond just might be twin brothers. Many similarities between the two men exist: Both have voices that make women instantly break down and weep hysterically. Both have had long tenures as music legends. Both have art-deco haircuts and superfluous chest hair. Listening to the music of either while at work will result in mockery and degradation by coworkers. Yet, inexplicably, Tom prefers to go to war in tight leather britches, while Neil prefers the simple comfort and breathability of blue jeans.

A country that loves the sauce.
Lithuania, long known for its remorseless alcohol abuse, is home to Vidmantas Sungaila, who was recently pulled over for reckless driving. His blood alcohol content was 75 proof. This man just raised the bar for drunkards everywhere. Wow.


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