Saturday, July 22, 2006

You Dropped Your Shoe

As usual, Man Soo lets his necktie do most of the talking.

In what could be the single biggest travesty the situational comedy industry has ever faced, the bastards that purport to administer the youtube website have, for some reason, made unavailable the videos of Pan-Kun playing baseball and soccer.

That's a kick in the knickers.

As you loyal readers know, those videos are the bread and butter of this website. Without that, we are neked. To make matters worse, none of the letters sent by HPO management to those blue-nosers at youtube have been replied to. They cluck their tongues and stroke their beards, while honest, God-fearing men who live and die for monkey movies are left sitting on our hands.

But, then again, the President of Iran never answered our emails back in April either.

Bring them back.


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