Saturday, May 27, 2006


The good people down at Baseball Prospectus have some 'splaining to do after missing this up-and-coming young talent.

When we first watched this video, we didn't know what to think. We don't say this often, but this has to be hands-down, far-and-away the best thing we have ever seen. Whoever came up with this idea and logistically made it possible should instantly be given a solid gold house and a rocket car. Enjoy this, dear HPO readers. It is outstanding:

Let's break down the at-bat:

0-0 Pan-Kun thought the first pitch was a brush-back heading for his earhole, and bailed early. Ball one.

1-0 The pitcher throws a solid curveball that freezes Pan-Kun, but the pitch is a tad high, and the ump correctly calls Ball two (despite the catcher's best efforts at framing the pitch).

2-0 The ape wisely lays off a pitch up and out of the zone. Ball three.

3-0 For some reason, Pan-Kun decides to "take one off", swinging at what probably would've been ball four, and would have resulted in the tying run scoring. Instead of taking a walk, he tries to be a hero and swings for the fences, but comes up empty and looks pretty ridiculous in the process.

3-1 In the catbird seat, Pan-Kun has decided to swing before the pitch has even been made. He is looking for the local, but gets the express, and is way late on a hittable pitch that caught a lot of the plate.

3-2 Full count, bases loaded, down by one run. Despite the immense pressure, Pan-Kun keeps the bat on his shoulder, lays off a high fastball, and plates the tying run, only to take a cocksure lead at first and get picked off to end the inning.

Defensively, he has a play on one fly ball, but clearly loses it in the clouds. Then, when he finally locates the ball behind him in the grass, his relay throw only travels about 5 feet.

Hey, if he works on his game and doesn't lose focus, he could be a 27th round draft pick in 2015.

The Cubs could use him.


Mr. Wake has a summary of some of the adventures of Pan-Kun and his dog, James. It is absolutely hilarious. Check it out here.

This appears to be Pan-Kun's official website, but it's pretty hard to be sure. It seems to be administered by the good people at JVC. Chances are, you won't be able to understand any of it, but still worth a look if you have a few minutes to kill.


Blogger Greg said...

Incredible. Thank you.

He walks more than Alfonso Soriano. HI-OHHHHHHH!

Ah, OBP humor.

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