Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shame On You, Boston

You people oughta be ashamed of yourselves.

Boston broke a new record in futility the other night, and we must say that we are genuinely shocked. If it had been a greyhound or a bull mastiff or something, we would have got it.
But a toy poodle?
Runaway poodle delays flights at Boston airport
BOSTON (AP) — Choochy the poodle is a "runway runaway."
Boston's Logan International Airport officials say Choochy escaped from her kennel as she was being unloaded after a flight from Detroit Saturday night and scampered across runways and taxiways.
Airport spokesman Phil Orlandella says the poodle evaded airport personnel for more than 17 hours and delayed at least eight flights.
About 15 state police, firefighters, operations personnel and even electricians chased Choochy late into the night, delaying flights for up 30 minutes.
Orlandella says the poodle was frightened, tired and hungry when she was finally lured to safety with food early Sunday afternoon.
The dog was treated for minor injuries at an animal hospital and returned to her family.

Those 15 firefighters and policemen and electricians... we have a few ideas about what to do with them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jimmy fontaine reporting from the west side of the cold chi..(which is actually unseasonably warm)..god am I disgusted. I don't even know where to start.first off I know everyone LOVES fireman after that fabricated terrorist attack the white people named 9-11.(What a coincedence.9-1-1. Is this for real).But here's a newsflash. Fireman work 24 hrs on and 48 off. Even more amusing is how much of their 24 on they spend drunk playing texas hold'em. 60K a year and we can't catch a fuckin poodle! Second: what kind of person has the audacity to bring a retard dog on a plane? Sorry but either u or ur dog is an idiot, I have a dog and he comes when I call him.what the fuck. Signing off ross..its way too late..I'm way too drunk..and way to angry to keep talking about this goddamn poodle...Great story by the way

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