Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sarah Palin Is Busy, Logical

Moose: It's what's for dinner.

Following the sane, logical, button-down theme of this election, it is now rumored that Governor Palin will be appearing on Saturday Night Live to get back at Tina Fey for her spot-on portrayal of the Governor during last week's show:
Some key McCain staffers are content with Palin joking about the "SNL" routines on the campaign trail -- as when she scribbled "I'm not Tina Fey" on a supporter's cell phone and said she'd dressed as Fey on Halloween. But others -- including the governor herself -- think a return punch on the NBC airwaves is what's needed.

Now, we never claimed to be political experts, but common sense is telling us that at such a critical moment in the election, taking a week of your time to prepare for an appearance on a sketch comedy show maybe a bit of a stretch. Now, we all know that SNL has had its side-splitting moments, so a potential Palin appearance does have its upside. On the other hand, it's not like we haven't seen Palin making an ass out of herself on live network TV before.
All this is pretty scary. We can remember the good old days, before the Vice Presidential candidates were announced. The Republican party was bashing Obama, saying that his pick for VP was invariably going to be someone from one of the swing states. The Republicans claimed Obama would pick his running mate to win votes, not for the good of the country. The Republicans claimed that Obama would pick his VP for political reasons.

The irony here is shockingly disturbing.


After predicting Obama would select his running mate for political reasons, McCain then selects Sarah Palin as his running mate! Palin, a woman he had never met before in his life, is the most political pick he could have made. Ask yourself: "Did McCain pick Sarah Palin because she will make good decisions if elected, or did he pick her to win votes?"

To put things into perspective, look at Obama's running mate (Joseph "Joe" Biden), and ask yourself the same question. Obama, who has been criticized for lacking experience and foreign policy knowledge, picked Biden because he is experienced and very knowledgable about foreign policy. Biden is from Delaware, a state which doesn't really matter on election day.

Where's the politics in that?

There are a whole lot of things which don't really make sense in this election.


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