Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Have You Forgotten How Good Palin Tastes?

Boy, these things sure are fast!
Sarah Palin week continues here at HPO, and man are we excited about it. She is just so intelligent, charismatic, well-travelled, worldly, classy, and dignified. Wait a minute, that's incorrect - we meant the opposite. The exact opposite. What we meant was that she is completely incompetent and she wouldn't know class if it came up and bit her in the ass.
But man, could she play some basketball!

Palin demostrates the three-man weave.

Aside from her mad hooping skills on the court, Palin is also a hell of an outdoorsman. Equally at home casting a dry fly into a sparkling-clean northern stream for rising salmon under the violet skies of a glorious Alaskan sunrise, or gracefully shooting timberwolves from the comfort of her very own helicopter, Palin never met an animal she couldn't kill. Look out, bull moose everywhere, because Sarah Palin is out there and she smells blood!

Per-doo was killin' Mich'gin err-lee on!


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