Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happiness is a Warm Gun

Sarah Palin only smiles like this after killing a moose with her bare hands.

Boy, it must be exhausting to be Sarah Palin. Running around all day long, chasing moose, strangling moose, skinning moose, chopping up the moose, grinding the moose, forming the moose into burger patties, grilling the moose burgers, and so on. How does she manage to find time to continue embarassing herself in the public spotlight by proving again and again that she is an uneducated red-neck continue campaigning?

So, in this first video, Palin pretty much just behaves like a total nincompoop. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot - this is more like French-kissing the business end of a 10-gauge...

Right. And just when we all thought she couldn't lower the bar anymore, she further goes on to claim that she reads all newspapers. EVERY SINGLE ONE. When the newslady asks her to name a few of the papers she reads, Palin dodges the question and refuses to do it.

It's pretty clear that Palin doesn't even know what a Vice-President does, because if she did, she would probably realize that a Vice-President gets asked a lot harder questions than "Which newspapers do you read?".

So maybe, in all fairness, she's just practicing her question-dodging skills... But we don't really think that sounds plausible.


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