Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Swiss Fox Steals Purse, Escapes

Swiss police outfoxed by purse snatcher
BASEL, Switzerland (AFP) — Police in Switzerland managed to recover the handbag but the purse snatcher made his escape into the forest -- the cops had been outfoxed by a fox.
The incident happened Monday evening when police got a phone call from a woman saying a fox has stolen her handbag.
She was working on a small piece of communal land in Riehen, near the northern city of Bale, when she suddenly saw a fox running off with her handbag in its mouth.
The fox made off with her wallet and house keys, said police spokesman Nicolas Drechsler Tuesday.
A man tried to help running after the animal, "but the fox was too fast for him," Drechsler said.
When the police arrived, they searched and found the handbag under a bush, some 50 metres (yards) from where it was taken.
Police deducted that "the fox could not take the bag into its lair, the bag was too bulky," Drechsler said.
But there was no arrest. The foxy thief got away.


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