Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fat Dog Seen From Space

He's like the Great Wall of China

Dog is so large owners could see it on Google Earth

A PET owner was stunned to discover that his dog was so fat, the porky pooch can be seen from outer space.
Fran Milner was astonished to find that 200lb bull mastiff Boris could clearly be seen on the Google Earth website.
The images on the site are taken by satellites 300-450 miles above the Earth.
Three-year-old Boris's brown bulk is clearly visible stretched out in his favourite position by a sundial on the front lawn, where he lounges for hours on end.
The massive mastiff lives with the Milner family in a seaside hotel and is now a celebrity among guests, who line up to have their picture taken with the "space dog".
Fran, 24, whose parents run the Tudor Grange Hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset, said "My brother-in-law decided to look at a satellite picture of our hotel.
"He noticed a big brown blob on the grass and realised it was Boris. He was in his favourite place. He loves lying there.
"We all had a look and couldn't believe it. I knew he was big but didn't think he was big enough to be seen from space."
The average weight of a bull mastiff is about 130 lbs but the Milners suspected Boris would be bigger because his dad was also huge. The full English breakfast he eats every morning probably also helps.
He has also had problems with his cruciate ligaments, which prevents him from walking long distances to exercise.
Fran added: "Boris gets on brilliantly with our guests because he is so gentle.
"They all want a picture. He's probably the most photographed dog in Bournemouth.
"Although, he can't do much exercise he loves swimming in the sea.
"But for the moment, he's doing what he loves best - lying by the sundial for hours on end."

And, for the next video:

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