Thursday, June 26, 2008

Anne Hathaway Cares About Her Image

Excuse me Miss - do you have a license to carry those guns?

Anne Hathaway dumped her boyfriend a few weeks ago. This week, Anne Hathaway's boyfriend got arrested on wire fraud and money laundering charges. There was an FBI investifation into his investment business, and the official US court affidavit alleges that he stole over $4 million.

Hmmmm.... Very clever, Anne Hathaway. Either Anne Hathaway has the best timing ever. Or, Anne Hathaway knew about his shady little operation all along. Why else would Anne Hathaway break up with this guy? He is Italian, he has an obnoxious-sounding Italian name, and he spent thousands of dollars on food and luxury condos and Carribean vacations.

Anne Hathaway.

Sounds like Anne Hathaway was ready to marry this guy: "I enjoy living with him so much, but we're in his apartment and we've decided that it's time to find where our home is going to be. If we get a house as opposed to an apartment, the first two floors will be a bit more traditional for him to be able to receive people, and the top two floors will be whatever I want."

Yes, Anne Hathaway, we know you were quite fond of this guy.

So, can we really blame Anne Hathaway for dumping him just before Uncle Sam sets his bail at $21 million just to save her precious acting career? No, we can't. We can't blame Anne Hathaway. Because this guy just seems like a total douchebag. The obnoxious, self-promoting website. The total douche-face. His childish behavior in court (via the AP):

An angry Follieri repeatedly interrupted his lawyer at a court appearance to tell her what to say. He shook his head at times and, as a prosecutor accused him of owing various debts, called out: "We paid that."

After his court appearance, Follieri, who had been fighting a sinus infection, had "some sort of attack" and was taken to a hospital, said his publicist, Melanie Bonvicino. She said she did not have further information on his condition.

Now, we're not legal experts. In fact, we don't even know what the word "filibuster" means. But we're pretty sure "repeatedly interrupting" your lawyer at your own arraignment is not a good idea.

But the real victim in all this is not the good people who got scammed out of their hard-earned money. The real victim is poor Anne Hathaway, whose career may or may not suffer minor adverse side-effects as a result of this scandal. Being a Hollywood actress is a tough life, and we would hate for Anne Hathaway to have to lose any sleep over a senseless thing like multi-million dollar money laundering.

We will keep Anne Hathaway in our prayers, and ask that you do the same.


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