Thursday, May 15, 2008

Animal Cruelty

Hockey is a sport which teaches competetive instincts and teamwork.

If you take a large, full-grown bear and dress it up in hockey gear, give it a pair of skates and a hockey stick, and throw him out on the ice to have some old-fashioned fun, is there anything wrong with that? We certainly don't think so, but judge for yourselves:

We think this is hilarious. Some people would not agree. Some would call it "immature", "childish", or "a waste of time." Yet others may even go so far as to call it animal cruelty. So for all of you who think that a bear playing hockey is cruel, let me tell you something: If that bear wanted to, he could go berserk on that ice and tear both of those guys to pieces. Besides, it looks like the bear is actually having fun. Imitating his idol, Wayne Gretzky, the bear can finally realize his life-long dream of skating in front of a packed house.

Verdict: Definitely NOT animal cruelty. There are many, many things you could do to animals that are worse. Much, much worse.


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