Monday, April 28, 2008


Up, up, and away.
A Brazilian priest has been missing for four days after he tied himself to a couple hundred helium balloons and drifted off to sea. The priest performed this stunt to raise money for a local orphanage or something like that, but now it looks like the only thing he managed to accomplish was presenting a lucky shark with a nice meal.
Critics of his philanthropic mission claim that he grossly miscalculated the effect of the winds in that part of Brazil. His plan was to get blown inland from the coast, but the wind quickly took him out to sea.
Ok, we understand this guy is an experienced skydiver and had taken jungle survival training. We understand that he had taken one of these balloon flights earlier. We understand that he was equipped with a parachute, flight suit, helmet, and GPS system.
But your GPS won't save you from a shark looking at you and thinking "snack time."
Our sympathies are with this guy, and we hope that he makes it and all that, but come on - this stunt is about as stupid as trying to jump a tricycle over a pool of alligators.

Half the way down.

Here is an article we found on the internet today. This is pretty much the worst you could possibly do at your job. It's like a fireman burning down buildings or a garbageman littering.

Police officer sacked for sex on duty

LONDON - A Metropolitan Police officer has been ordered to resign after having sex with a prostitute whilst investigating a brothel.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission found Sergeant Manjit Johal guilty of misconduct.
The misconduct case heard how the married 43-year-old officer was supposed to be following up on reports that a Walthamstow premises was being used as a brothel.
Instead the IPCC said he had: "engaged in sexual activity with a sex worker. "It was alleged he even put a Community Police Officer on the front door as a look out.
Mr. Johal, who headed the local Community Police Team, faced four disciplinary charges. IPCC Commissioner Deborah Glass said: "The sergeant's behavior was disgraceful. He has brought shame on himself and his former colleagues."


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