Tuesday, January 08, 2008

People Are Strange

Ain't that the truth...

There seems like there is no limit to what one can accomplish using the awesome power of the internets. These days, there is a website that satisfies any need you may encounter: Youtube, google, yahoo, blogger, moviepoopshoot.com.

And there are many more. With so many tools at our disposal, there is no limit to what we can do, see, read, learn, or analyze using the internets.

We hear at HPO also use some of the internet's tools to further our own intellects... For example, we track our site traffic down at BraveNet. Thanks to the quality services provided by the good people at BraveNet, we here at HPO can track the number of hits we get a day, and we can even analyze who comes to our site, at what time, and from where.

So, we were reviewing some of these BraveNet reports the other day, when we decided to check how people end up visiting HPO. So, we checked hits from the google search engine that lead visitors to our site, and we learned which keyword searches lead visitors to our site.

Here, dear readers, is a partial list of some of the words people googled which lead them to our site. Some of the keywords are truly disturbing (We remind you that these are ACTUAL KEYWORD SEARCHES performed by REAL PEOPLE which lead them to HPO):

The biggest puddle
Bill Cosby video smoking tree
Puddle pipes
Older hot women nipples
Crushing beer cans with her gigantic boobs
dougie goes deep
The Smoking Hot Pipes
massage double bay rub n tug
biggest toad
dougie goes deep
video clips of monkey troubles in delhi,India
dougie's going deep tonight
hot box pipes
doug mirabelli going deep
Dougie's going deep tonite
Barking bitch online porn
Belgian horse falls thru ice
Fat man (blogsearch)
Pipes online Britain
Hot pregnant fucker
Indians hate Australia
We hate Australia
Krista Guterman playboy
Pretty hot pipes

While we are proud that anti-Australian rhetoric leads websurfers to our site, we are really quite concerned about the "rub'n tug" and other lewd homo-erotic references. Sure, we may have mentioned Burt Reynolds once or twice, but that does not make HPO a homage to gayity!!!

"Belgian horse falls thru ice" was nice to see, and the numerous references to "Dougie Goin' Deep Tonight" were nice to see, as that was HPO's most popular post ever. By a long shot.

But "barking bitch online porn"?!? What the hell is that all about? We can't really believe that one made the cut... Sure, we blog about dogs, but that search is waaaaay out there. Lot of growing up to do. Completely out of line.


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