Friday, January 04, 2008

Live Pollo

No choice in the city.

The fine City of Chicago has recently considered banning chickens as pets. Chicken-haters everywhere cite the fact that chickens are "noisy, draw rodents and... spread disease."

We here at HPO fully support owning chickens and other flightless birds as pets. They can provide hours of wholesome entertainment, as well as tasty eggs and delicious fillets!

In all seriousness though, why shouldn't people be able to keep live chickens? Are they really that unhealthy? Are they that much more filthy than other pets? Your average dog rolls around in the mud, sticks his face directly into garbage, and probably even eats his own poo from time to time. Most chickens that we have met have been saints compared to the behavior of your average canine.

So why ban only chickens? Are there alterior motives at work here from behind that dark veil of Chicago politics? The answer is: We don't know.

But we do know that many are upset about banning pet chickens, amongst them the fine people down at Backyard Poultry Magazine. This type of crap would not have been tolerated in the days of Oscar de la Pollo.


Blogger Koch said...

I could go for some Showbiz Pizza.

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