Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Italians Hate Roosters

Roosters crow in the morning. It's what they do.

A man in Italy was fined after neighbors complained that his rooster was crowing in the morning and "waking them up too early." The neighbors in the small rural town apparently have no idea what roosters were put on this earth for. The man, who remained unnamed, plans on appealing the fine, which is approximately $300.

We here at HPO think this is borderline fascism on the part of the Italian government. Punishing a rooster for crowing in the morning is like punishing the sky for being blue or punishing water for being wet.

It's what the rooster is supposed to do, people!!!

What's next? Fining dogs for sniffing each others' butts? Locking up cats for chasing mice? Incarcerating bull moose for charging people with reckless abandon?!

Absolutely ridiculous. We haven't seen this kind of blatant poultry prejudice since the days of Oscar de la Pollo. But we expect the rooster will get his come-uppance. Those roosters can be pretty vicious, and there is documented evidence.

These rooster attack videos once again prove that if you can't find something worthwhile on youtube, you probably aren't looking hard enough. For your enjoyment pleasure, we have included the video titles as they appear:

"Rooster Attack"

"Rooster attacks Linda"

"My rooster attacking me"

"Rooster attacks Grandma"


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