Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Dwarf Update

Noone wants to be defeated!

Yes, that is a picture of a midget kicking himself in the head.

Why did we choose to start the post off with that disturbing image?

Well, we received this amazingly ridiculous story in our mailbag yesterday, and seeing as it is Friday today, we figured we had to write about it. So before you judge us, dear readers, please read the story:

Filipino 'dwarf' judge loses case

A Philippines judge who said he consulted imaginary mystic dwarves has failed to convince the Supreme Court to allow him to keep his job.

Florentino Floro was appealing against a three-year inquiry which led to his removal due to incompetence and bias.

He told investigators three mystic dwarves - Armand, Luis and Angel - had helped him to carry out healing sessions during breaks in his chambers.

The court said psychic phenomena had no place in the judiciary. The bench backed a medical finding that the judge was suffering from psychosis.

The Manila trial judge had asked the Supreme Court to dismiss the complaint and return him to the bench, after being sacked in April.

"They should not have dismissed me for what I believed," Mr Floro told reporters after filing his appeal in May.

The judge said he had made a covenant with his dwarf friends that he could write while in a trance and that he had been seen by several people in two places at the same time.

Judge Floro reportedly changed from blue court robes to black each Friday "to recharge his psychic powers".

In a letter to the court he said: "From obscurity, my name and the three mystic dwarves became immortal."

However, the Supreme Court said dalliance with dwarves would gradually erode the public's acceptance of the judiciary as the guardian of the law, if not make it an object of ridicule.

Pretty solid effort by the lunatic dwarf judge, if you ask us. Of all the ludicrous aspects in this story, the best is the names of the dwarves: Armand, Luis, and Angel. We here at HPO have never actually met a dwarf, but if we did, we wouldn't think his name would be "Armand."

Which leads us to the video section of this dwarf post:

Nice moves there, little Hindu midget. Apparently, this is a clip from a Tamil movie.

Here are some comments on the video:

Madjackster: "OMFG its a ghetto Ompalumpa [sic]."

FierySora1: "His constant smile is creepy."

FatCheesySloppyPie: "It is so obvious that it is just a midget who is a good dancer."

infinitelaughter: "wow -- love the kids powersmile -- great moves too -- this video rocks!"

slayer831: "This is the awesomest video created."

dieselboi91: "that little fucker creeps me out."

jlesser: "My mind, she is blown."

enemies: "Wow. That little kid is nasty with the breakin' and all."

NickSpahr: "A Topless Indian Baby Demi-Midget Krumping. This video has everything that I love. And also it has smoking. A+++"

Angstone: "This sassy little man needs his own personal fragrance line."

beenyroy: "Bet you he's got a massive schlong."

drrunk2211: "Sweet moves and an even sweeter dental plan"

nigelapplejack: "the little superstar is the messiah. midget breakdancing + dope beats + india = genious everytime. you can't mess up that recipe."

mp3ror1: "That's some disturbing shit right there."


Anonymous The Judge said...

Those are some great comments. I have to agree with the last one from mp3ror1.

Because it is some very disturbing shit and should not be for general viewing but Angel tells me its perfectly normal.

Luis one of my more trusted colleges and Armand for that matter, are totally against that horrible little being with the nasty grin.

But after all thats why you have 3 mystic dwarfs!

5:53 PM  

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