Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Insanity Continues

The Iranian President stares at the bridge of his nose.
Our favorite middle-eastern dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, showed a lighter side of his personality on Tuesday, declaring himself an exceptional chef who prepares "delicious" food. Dr. Ahmadinejad, typically seen as a Jew-hating radical tyrant, keeps his personal life very private, as his family is never seen in public.
"Of course what I make is delicious - ask everyone who has eaten it! I can make all the different kinds of soups and Iranian stews," said the president.
Aside from being good at cooking, Mahmoud also happens to be good at executing people:

Most Executions carried out in 2006 (according to Wikipedia)
  1. China (at least 1,010 but could be as high as 8,000)
  2. Iran (177)
  3. Pakistan (82)
  4. Iraq (at least 65)
  5. Sudan (at least 65)
  6. USA (53)

This is a sign that the world is ending soon.

In New York, home of the Jew, dog owners can now get swimming lessons for their dogs. That's right, you can now pay a bunch of money for some people to put your dog in a pool and teach it how to swim.

We here at HPO find this incredible, seeing as dogs instinctively know how to swim at the moment they are born!!!

Seriously, how stupid do you have to be to drive down to this place, pay them money, and then watch them lead your dog into a special doggie swimming pool and get molested by a "trained professional"??

According to the article, these same "trained professionals" refuse to admit that dogs are naturally able to swim: "That's a myth. Dogs don't naturally know how to swim, although some dogs do," said Stacy Alldredge, owner of the Manhattan dog spa.

Do you honestly expect us to believe that, Stacy Alldredge? Do you think we are all as stupid as the blue-nosers that actually fell for your two-bit swindle act, you degenerate con artist? Do the rest of the world a favor, Stacy Alldredge: Go jump in front of a bus. The last thing this planet needs is a money-sucking parasite like you walking the streets.


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