Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sit, Stay, Roll Over

Duncan McDonald is a true patriot.

A woman from Washington registered her dog as a voter, using a fake power bill and a pawprint. The dog voted once, and nobody noticed. The second time, a lady from the balloting office called and informed the woman that you can't sign a voting ballot using a paw-print. When the woman informed the ballot official that you can if you're a dog, the lady was shocked: "It's a dog?!"

The answer, of course, was yes, but that didn't seem to matter too much, because when election time rolled around again, the dog managed to cast a third vote without being detected!

Now, after casting his vote three times, Duncan has been discovered and his voting rights have been revoked. His owner, Jane Balogh, claimed she pulled this stunt to exposing illegal voting practices to the public. But, the authorities didn't exactly agree with her: She is being arraigned for a misdemeanor, which could turn into a felony charge if she pleads not guilty.

We'd like to thank our good buddy Casey Sorrow over at MonkeyDayNews for finding this amazing clip. It shows that our orangutan cousins are closer to us than we may think. The ape is actually spitting water into the tube to get the peanut! How intelligent is that?
Our guess is that soon, these monkeys will be designed rocket ships and wearing tuxedoes.


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