Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Put A Leash On That Puppy


So, as you can probably figure out, that is a video of Sarah "The Selfish Jew" Silverman heating Paris Hilton. While she cracks a couple of funny one-liners, and she gets a solid laugh out of the crowd, the real question that is on everybody's mind after watching that clip is:

Is Sarah Silverman attractive?

While the general consensus answer is usually "no" or "not particularly", the spectrum hits all the corners. Depending on who you ask, she is either the hottest woman to walk the earth, or she is the fugliest person to show their face in public since Kirsten "Snagglesaurus" Dunst. Really, it seems like nobody can quite agree. It's all up in the air. There have even been debates on the subject...

Some comments from the internets:

"She's not my type. I can see how some guys could like her, but she looks too much like a telephone pole for me to dig her."

"I've had better."

"Sarah Silverman is an ugly cunt."

"The manbrows need waxing. How about some lip collagen to cover up those those horse teeth? Her attire is just dreadful. Why Moe? Why?"

"She looks like a fucking rat."

"Find a feed-bag and a couple pounds of oats for that horse-lady! Brrrooooaaaa!!!"

"Someone better get a raccoon collar and knock that Jew's neckbone into place."

Ok, so they're not all over the spectrum. They're all negative. Every single one of them. Hell, that last comment about the racoon collar, we didn't even know what that meant, but we thought it was funny.

But in all fairness, she has shown some signs of hotness, for example here and here...

Kinda... We guess...



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