Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monkey Surgery

You have no faith in medicine.

In Malaysia, doctors performed successful cataract surgery on Aman, a 19-year-old orangutan. This marks the first succesful eye surgery ever performed on a great ape. We believe that this is a great occasion, and would like to salute the fine efforts of the good doctors who performed the surgery, Izak Venter and Frik Stegman.

What a momentous occasion.

While we here at HPO are firm believers in equal rights for all apes and monkeys, we also happen to be staunch believers in animals wearing prescription eyeglasses. As a result, we would almost be more inclined to give Aman some sort of indestructible eye-wear instead of the surgery, maybe like some recspecs or something like that...

You have to admit, it would make him look like one intelligent ape, and coupled with some type of monkey hat, we seriously think he could run for president (NOTE: The phrase "monkey hat" is intended to refer to a hat made for a monkey, and is not intended to refer to using a monkey as a hat).


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