Sunday, May 06, 2007

Canada Says to Austria: Go Fuck Yourselves

In there like swimwear...

In what we consider to be a bombshell fuck-you move, Canada has minted a 200 pound solid-gold coin, just to spite Austria.
Canada minted the largest coin in the world, only to one-up Austria, who previously had the largest coin in the world.
"They're not doing this because there is huge demand for 100-kilo gold coins,'' Bret Evans, editor of Canadian Coin News said Saturday. "They're doing it because it gives them some bragging rights in having the largest purest gold coin in the world.''
Which, when translated, is pretty much the equivalent of telling Austria to sit on it. Even though they have already sold three of the million-dollar coins, that is not the point.
They did this purely to make sure Austria was out of the Guinness Book of World Records. Let's just hope those uppity Austrians don't take this the wrong way and start a war over this...


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