Monday, April 09, 2007


Sometimes, it's good to be lazy.

We haven't been posting too much lately. Apparently, laziness is addictive. And that comes as news to us.

A big, fat, tightly-coiled steaming pile of news.

So, instead of writing about something funny, like the fact that Keith Richards admitted to snorting his own father's ashes, we will take the lazy way out, and we will just post a couple of videos that we figure deserved posting.

This lady probably wouldn't survive long in the jungle. The cat is pretty much spelling it out for her: "Put me down." But she still holds on. And then, after the "brutal, unprovoked attack", she bursts into tears. Poor thing.

Yeah, we know we already posted this one, but we love it, so fuck you.

Of all of today's videos, this one is our favorite. It's called "Dumbest Burglar Ever."

This isn't that funny, but we needed a filler.

Yeah, we already know we are going to hell, so there's no need to remind us of it.


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