Monday, March 05, 2007

Sorry.... We fucked up

They don't make em like they used to.

The Swiss Army is best known for its trademark "Swiss Army Knife", which is a world-famous staple of quality, dependability, and versatility.

But now, the phrase "How could we possibly fuck up this bad?" has become synonymous with the Swiss military machine. As reported by our favorite newspaper, the Swiss Army accidentally invaded Liechtenstein a few days ago.

Somehow, nobody got too upset about this. We were sure that Liechtenstein would quickly show just how bad-ass they really are, confronting the Swiss invaders with the awesome, cold-blooded killing power that Liechtenstein is known for. But then again, to be honest, a couple hundred Swiss pansies with switchblades in their hands just doesn't seem too intimidating. This would have been a problem if Liechtenstein had an army of their own, which they don't. Apparently, they don't seem too worried about being invaded.

When the French government heard about the accidental invasion, they surrendered to the Swiss almost instantly... You know, just to be safe.


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