Saturday, February 10, 2007

Slab City

She almost one-upped Elvis Presley...
At the risk of sounding perverse, we first wanted to comment on the death of hollywood bimbo hell-bound goldbricker Anna Nicole Smith... According to rumor-mill powerhouse Tyler Durden, the above picture was one of the last pictures ever taken of Anna, just hours before she kicked the bucket.

Face down on a marble floor... Does that beat sitting on the crapper with your pants around your ankles?

Sorry Buddy.

And, due to the overwhelming amount of messages we received in the HPO mailbag, we realize that we left Buddy the Skateboarding Bulldog off our list of coolest dogs. For that, we sincerely apologize to Buddy and all his fans. In case you missed Buddy earlier, we will re-post his video:

That's some fine skateboarding.

(Editor's note: After double-checking, we found out that we hadn't received any messages at all in our mailbag. HPO apologizes for the misunderstanding.)


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