Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yellow Mountain

This makes us wanna go out and buy the new Pimp Trick Gangsta Click CD.

Bubb Rubb and Li'l Sis. These people may just be dumb enough to make a red-headed Mexican child appear intelligent. We here at HPO have always believed that people, as a whole, are generally a lot stupider than you give them credit for.

Whistle-tips on your muffler?

We can understand a novelty clown horn, but whistles? But hey, it looks like they hit on a key demographic: Young black people who have 100% disposable income. If they have any money left over after buying all those watermelons, gold teeth, Air Force Ones and doo-rags, you can bet the ranch that they're buying whistle-tips for their Impala.

Anyways, our favorite part of the clip is at the end when Bubb Rubb pulls off in his beat-up vehicle, almost hits a parked car, and then runs the stop sign.


That's a fine-looking gunship you got there.

America attacked Somalia.


Apparently, the targets were several Al-Qaeda insurgents who may or may not have been responsible for the bombings on the African embassies a few years back.

Ok.... So, if this is true, and the USA is after an underground terrorist cell, why did they park an aircraft carrier off the coast of Somalia? Why didn't they just do this Special Forces style, where you send in a bunch of guys in ski masks at dawn? This attack wasn't in Mogadishu, it was in a small border town. Why not just go in?

Somalia is a country that has been without government since 1991, and now with the Ethiopians getting their noses into the mix, it makes one wonder why Dubya Bush decided to park a carrier group off the coast...

HPO's official position on this is that they should settle it according to traditional Kazakhstani argument-settling customs:

Tigger will drop you like a bad habit.

Working-class family goes on vacation to Disney World. Family poses for picture with Tigger. Man in Tigger costume puts teenage boy in armlock and throws a left jab at his face. Family is outraged, man in Tigger costume denies it.

Tigger does his best Floyd Mayweather impression.

After the authorities were informed about this, it turned out that Tigger didn't exactly have a squeaky-clean past, either. Apparently, back in 2004, Tigger was accused of being a pervert by a 13-year-old girl and her mother, who claim to have had their breasts fondled by Tigger while posing for a picture.

Apparently, Tigger's life is nothing more than a vodka-fueled grope-a-thon that often ends in random violence on teenagers.


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