Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What Happened at Camp Falcon?

Bad, bad things are happening.

If anybody knows what really happened at Forward Operating Base Falcon on the evening of October 10th, they sure seem to know how to keep their mouths shut.

FOB Falcon (also sometimes called "Camp Falcon" or "Rasheed Airbase") is one of the biggest American bases in Iraq. Located 11 miles southeast of downtown Baghdad, several sources claim it is an ammunition dump holding around $1 billion worth of weapons, ammunition, and supplies.

On Wednesday, October 11th, The Guardian reported large explosions in FOB Falcon. Al-Jazeera showed a video of the explosions on their news broadcast, showing massive fireballs and something that looks like a mushroom cloud. Pictures of Camp Falcon, taken on October 12th, show ruined vehicles and buildings. All evidence points to an unimaginably bloody and horrible attack in which many people died.

However, that same day, The US Department of Defense issued an official press release confirming the attack, adding that "no injuries were reported."

No injuries? How can there be no injuries when an attack on one of the biggest bases in Iraq takes place in the middle of the night, with the explosions shaking buildings 15 miles away?

Other sources claim that over 300 US troops and civilians died that night, and that huge American transport planes with red crosses painted on them were seen landing at al-Habbaniyah, the site of Iraq's largest and most modern hospital. They were believed to have been carrying the dead and wounded. Moreover, a list of casualties has been provided as well. If true, this would easily be the most loss of US life in one day since the Iraq war began.

One of HPO's field men is currently stationed in Iraq, but we have not yet received confirmation from him as to the truth of these rumors.

The only rock-solid confirmed facts that are known in this story are 1) Camp Falcon is a major US facility 2) It was attacked on the evening of October 10th 2006. The rest is all speculation.

But why have no mainstream publications been writing about this? Would the American government even want this to be globally reported if it was true? Why is this below the radar? At this stage we have no reason to believe this or to start spinning conspiracy theories. But what will happen if it turns out that this actually is true?

UPDATE: Massive explosions confirmed by senior US military personnel


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