Wednesday, October 04, 2006

January 26th, 1986

This is how it's supposed to look.
The title of this post says it all.
As their death-march to the Super Bowl continues, Da Team is finally getting the respect they deserve. During their absolute whooping of the Seagulls last week, the Baby Bears proved that they don't take any shit from anybody.

Now, if you just clicked on that link up there, and happened to have your volume up while you watched that video, it should be apparent that even though the music completely sucked, you still watched the whole entire thing for the sake of the Bears, while somehow attempting to block that horrible, horrible music out.

Or maybe you just turned down the volume.

What a special team. The Ron Karkovice Fan Club really hits the nail on the head with their dissection of this year's steamrolling juggernaut. They are a force of nature, like the Mississippi River, Mount Vesuvius, the Gulf Stream, or Barbara Streisand. We here at HPO don't want to sound over-zealous here, but this is starting to look like the Bears will never lose a game again. Ever.

All class, all the time.

A lot of the credit has to go to Dr. Lovie. What's there not to love? He's the squeaky clean minister from Texas who doesn't drink, smoke, or draft offense. It's money in the bank. And, to top it off, his real name is "Lovie Lee Smith."

What an outstanding name.

Now, we have never witnessed a first-hand Lovie Lee Smith press conference, but we imagine that Sunday's press conference was the exact polar opposite of this one:

Incidentally, a fellow Hot Pipes insider once caddied for Mike Ditka at Butler Country Club, outside of Chicago. Afterwards, he said that Ditka chain-smoked "the biggest fucking Cuban cigars I've ever seen" for the duration of all 18 holes, and that he had never heard one man curse that much in one afternoon.
Hey, some of us have been predicting this type of dominance for over a year now.

It's just a shame Denver ain't on the schedule this year:


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