Wednesday, October 11, 2006


That horse needs some 151.
This story comes out of the "we-always-wanted-to-do-something-like-this-but-now-we-realize-why-we-never-got-around-to-it" file. A woman in central Georgia got slapped with a DUI last night when she rode her horse onto a highway in a drunken fit of rage. After the on-ramp, the horse merged into the right lane before getting rear-ended by a Bonneville.
Reports claim that the horse survived.
OK, so you're probably thinking that the moral of this story is "keep your damn horse off the interstate", but it's not. While researching this story, we here at HPO found out about the "Kumamoto Drunken Horse Fest." This festival, which is hands-down the best idea a Japanese person ever had, involves getting a horse drunk, parading it around while everybody else gets drunk, and then, sadly, shooting it.
Even worse than shooting a drunken horse is the reason why they shoot it.
Anyways, we found a video of one of these drunken horses. Considering that this horse is probably drunk for the first time, he does a pretty good job of holding his alcohol. But then again, he doesn't look too sure-footed, either:


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