Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Camp Falcon Update

This is Camp Falcon burning.

At the 3:55 mark in the video, something big goes off. A small mushroom cloud forms shortly thereafter. There has been speculation that it was, in fact, a tactical nuclear weapon, but that seems pretty unlikely. Nukes don't just blow up when other things around them blow up. Nuclear triggers are not designed like that. But, whatever it was, it was big. From what we know, the explosions could be heard from 15 miles away.

This is a smaller ammo dump exploding in June 2004.

That is a home video shot by some Marines of an ammunition dump exploding in Kirkuk two years ago. It is hard to believe that nobody was injured in that attack, judging from that video. The soldiers can be heard talking about how strong the shock wave from one of the blasts was, and it was under a mile away.

If we were betting men, which we are, we would lay our money on the fact that those huge explosions at Camp Falcon killed some people... A lot of people, even. And with the upcoming midterm elections putting more pressure on the Republicans than ever, it is quite easy to find a motive for the US brass to keep this thing under wraps.

Whatever the case, this is scary stuff.


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