Monday, September 11, 2006

Why We Fight

"Standing beneath this serene sky, overlooking these broad fields now reposing from the labors of the waning year... the graves of our brethren beneath our feet, it is with hesitation that I raise my poor voice to break the eloquent silence of God and Nature..."

In a recent poll, it was found that 30% of Americans do not remember in which year September 11th took place.

If so many people are not able to remember when the fight began, is it so surprising that so few understand why the fight continues?

The war on terrorism, as most people think of it today, is largely a product of a propaganda machine collectively known as the popular media. The war, especially on the front lines of Kandahar, Afghanistan, or Fallujah, Iraq, has been far from a military success. In fact, you might as well call it a complete and total pooch-screw.

As a result, people question the motives for war, and begin doubting whether we should be there in the first place.

Camp Babylon.

The world is filled with bad people. Usually, these dictators oppress people that are in no shape to help themselves. Someone else must come to their aid.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban murders children and burns down their schools.

In Iran, women, students, and intellectuals are censored, jailed, and tortured.

In Iraq, civil war has divided the country and reduced it to rubble.

These are not very nice people.

Fighting the war comes at a price. A very horrible price. Ironically, the terror caused by the war has caused many people to lose freedoms that they took for granted. In American, the government now monitors phone calls and emails. Hundreds of suspected terrorists have been held without grounds for months. In England, several innocent people have been mistaken for terrorists and killed by law enforcement agencies.

Not one single terrorist has been shot and killed by law enforcement agencies in England.

This is how terrorism works. It makes people afraid. It makes them think illogically. It is made to be a mind-fuck.


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