Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pan-Kun's Bug Hunt

This ape is smarter than half of the people we know.
In today's Pan-Kun spectactular showcase, we tag along with him and his faithful dog, James, as they go into the woods looking for insects. Armed only with a net and a bug box (no man-purse for Pan-Kun this time), their mission is to bring home as many bugs as possible.

Part 1:

The ape manages to somehow find a grasshopper, and trap it in the box. Good work by both him and James, as they somehow managed to remain focused on the task at hand, and not let their animal instincts get in the way. However, after a thorough search leaves Pan-Kun empty-handed, he loses motivation and decides to throw in the towel. Just when it appears that things can't get any worse, James inexplicably runs off, leaving a shocked Pan-Kun in a deep state of monkey depression.

Part 2:

James saves the day. Going to relieve himself on a tree, the bulldog leads Pan-Kun straight to what appears to be some kind of dung beetle. Despite the chimpanzee's fluent tree-climbing ability, the insect manages to escape. A few hundred yards later, Pan-Kun locates a pond crab...

Part 3:

After successfully bringing the crab home, Pan-Kun now is the proud owner of two pets. In case anyone out there is interested, order your licensed Pan-Kun and James official merchandise here.


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