Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cutting the Cheese

We were way off.

So, back in February, we basically predicted that the Tigers would finish in the basement again this year. But, apparently, they have a lot of guys named Johnson on their roster.

Today, we stumbled across some pretty funny mug shots. Our favorite is the look on their faces: That cocksure, smug, I-just-spent-more-money-on-hookers-and-SUV's-than-you-make-in-a-year look. The law means nothing to these men.

Deion's always been a face guy.
In the above picture, Mr. Sanders is shown grinning idiotically after being arrested for trespassing on property belonging to the Southwest Florida International Airport. Apparently, there is a great fishing spot on the airport grounds. He just couldn't stay away from it, depite being warned multiple times previously about his trespassing at that fishing hole.
Said Deion, "The only defense I have is that I'm sorry, but they were biting."

Apparently, the rules don't apply to Scottie, either.

This mug shot of Scottie "No-Tippin" Pippen was taken just after he was arrested for drunk driving in Texas. When you think about it, the only surprising thing about this whole story is that they actually arrested someone for drunk driving in Texas. The Lone Star state is pretty much a giant saloon where chaw-spittin, shotgun-blasting, rye-drinking yee-haws do whatever they please. Anyways, after failing several sobriety tests and refusing the old Breathalyzer, charges against "No-Tippin" were dropped.

And, to close out the post, we're not sure what this has to do with anything, but we felt it deserved some publicity. Good work, Mr. Dixon.


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