Monday, July 10, 2006

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Superstar status.

Apparently, Pan-Kun and his bulldog, James, have a dvd coming out. We have already pre-ordered our copy. Hopefully, they put Pan-Kun behind the wheel of a race-car, forklift, or 18-wheeler.

No repeat for Graeme.

We know who will win the World Championship this year.

Asphalt sandwiches.

Ok, so it's a little late, but this is too good not to post. Resident HPO Tour de France expert, Mr. Drugs, "pipes" in again with commentary on the Stage 1 finish. Enjoy:

Just after the finish, Thor Hushovd and his Yellow Jersey were surprisingly covered in blood as he collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. Minutes later, the race commentators discovered what had happened. In his efforts to secure the stage win, Thor found himself dangerously close to the barrier on the side of the course. As he rocketed along at 45 miles per hour, a fan nicked Thor's arm with a giant cardboard hand shaped much like the foam hands seen at American sporting events. (Ironically, the cardboard hands are made and distributed to the fans by the same company that sponsors Thor's team.) Receiving what one race commentator referred to as "the worst papercut in the history of mankind," Thor's arm sprayed blood first on the crowd, then all over himself as he crossed the line. My first reaction was that he must have been shot to bleed so much, but I suppose even the smallest cut will bleed like a stuck pig when your heart-rate exceeds 190 beats per minute. Perils come from all angles in this sport, ladies and gentlemen. Luckily, stitches were all that was needed to remedy the rider, and Thor will continue in spite of his paper cut. There are no sissies in the sport of cycling.


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