Friday, May 19, 2006

May I Have Some More Bread, Please?

He looks like he's harmless, until that ball of fesces comes flying past your head.

It looks like Nigel Tufnel was right, after all. This news story, which we received in our mailbag, proves that our furry ancestors may actually be smarter than we give them credit for. Now, there's documented empirical proof. Good work, men in white coats.

Watch out.

Apparently, Ricky Manning Jr. thinks that kicking the crap out of people in Southern California and then fleeing the scene in an SUV blaring chimped-up hip-hop is a Bears tradition.

Go ahead, lock him up for four years. Like a Panther was gonna make our defense better anyways.

"My solos are my trademark."

Now, there's some speculation as to whether this clip that you see below is real, or some doctored Nike stunt, kinda like that Ron Mexico commercial that aired a few years back. Now, we are aware that Ronaldinho is probably the best soccer player on the planet, but this clip is pretty on-believable.


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