Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ballsy... Stupid, but ballsy

Frank and Man-Soo share a laugh over memories of porking hookers in Kansas City hotel rooms.
White Sox fans showed some rare class yesterday as Frank Thomas received a standing o, even after taking John "Judy" Garland's fastball on a one-way ride to the cheap seats. We here at HPO wondered if the fans were gonna boo Frank the Tank, which would have forced us to agree that Sox fans are the worst out there. During's Frank's 16 years in Chicago, there were good times and there were bad times. While Chicago baseball fans will be quick to point out Thomas' childish behavior in contract talks, his cavalier approach to team management, and the endless disputes over financial issues such as his sprawling Oak Brook mansion, the city remembers Frank for his effortless swing, his eagle eye, and his clutch hits.

Yo! Where's Burt Reynolds, sweetheart?

We're guessing that the sign in that picture only stayed on the air for a few seconds. But goddammit, that's long enough.


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