Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Apes of Wrath

Dubya has his priorities straight.
It's no secret that George Bush is a blabbering moron who reads, speaks, and understands at a third-grade level. He screws up just about every day. But a comment he made to a German reporter last week takes the cake. When asked what his greatest triumph was, Dubya responded: "I've experienced many great moments. It's hard for me to name the greatest. I would say that the best moment of all came when I caught a seven-and-a-half pound perch while fishing on my lake."

Catching a seven-and-a-half pound perch is a hell of an accomplishment in itself, because a perch that size is a monster fish. However, if Dubya is referring to a yellow perch, which we assume he is, then this would make him the U.S. record holder for that species. There's just something weird about being the President and listing your greatest moment as catching a perch, even if it did have a forehead.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, wasn't it?


Blogger Monkeydarts said...

You are aware it was a bass, right?
Caught in a pond he built himself and stocked. You do know that and just think you're a deep-thinker, right? Or are you just another boring hate-spewing, Michael Moore worshiping asshat?

1:15 PM  

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