Friday, April 14, 2006

You're with me, Leather.

Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.

Thank you, Deadspin.

As you may have noticed, we haven't posted anything in a while. As a result, our mailbag here at HPO has been filling up rather quickly, so we'd like to thank all of our loyal readers for bombarding us with hate-mail and "fuck-you" messages. If you haven't sent one in yet, now's your chance. Don't miss out.

Updating a story that we have been following very closely over the past months, American involvement in Iran has officially moved beyond rumors, heresay, and speculation. As reported by our favorite newspaper, people are already being killed in Iran, and America is indirectly responsible for it, at best.
Curious George shits the bed again.
The United States government has consistently shown that it does not learn from its mistakes. Last week, 20 Iranian government officials were killed in covert operations performed by Baluchi Sunni guerrillas. These people are fighting the Iranian government because they live in one of the poorest provinces in Iran, and have endured decades of disenfranchisement by the Shi'ite majority.
So where do these poor, rag-tag minority fighters get their weapons, training, and logistical infrastracture from?
Uncle Sam is using precious tax dollars to train and arm these men to kill members of a foreign government.
Isn't this how Al Qaeda came into existence? Aren't the same decisions being made that led to thousands of deaths, beginning in the 1980's and culminating with the World Trade center catastrophe? Can this be true, that the American government is barking up that same tree again?
This is like something out of a bad, bad movie.
As you read this, American covert operations are going on in Iran, carried out by elite American special ops units. Key personnel in the United States military, going as high as the Joint Chiefs, are threatening resignation over the approach to the nuclear conflict in Iran. Rumors are circulating that some kind of tactical nuclear weapon will be used to hit the Iranian nuclear facilities "at their weakest point". Most likely, this would be the nuclear facility at Natanz.

That's what the American air strike would look like.

This whole situation in Iran should be a little disturbing to most people. George Bush is calling himself a messiah, and calling Iran's president "the next Hitler." That's pretty ironic, considering that if you asked anyone from Iran that same question, they would say it was the other way around.

Hot Pipes field man Peter Barley, who is an expert in nuclear physics, says Iran is more than capable of producing weapons-grade uranium, given the capacity it has at the facilities which are known to exist. He says that it is surprisingly easy to make nuclear weapons, if you have the proper equpiment. But whether the approach that America is taking to resolve this conflict is the best one remains to be seen.


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