Friday, March 03, 2006


Hot Pipes.

Time to share the greatest baseball/guy-that's-consistently-filling-Lisa-Dergan story of all time (courtesy of Deadspin):

"So, a buddy of a buddy, etc. etc. was at a high-end bar in Chicago, when Podsednik walks in with an unbelievably hot girl on his arm. (Ed. Note: We’re guessing it’s Podsednik paramour Lisa Dergan.) He makes a beeline for the bar, and she heads to the ladies room. He orders a drink for her, and three bottles of Bud Lite. He chugs, and I mean, chugs, the three bottles of beer before his woman returns. Then he looks around, sees his woman isn’t back, and order three more bottles of Bud Lite, and chugs the crap out of those as well. Finally, and just before his woman gets back, he orders a high end microbrew, picks that up with his woman’s apple-tini or some such horseshit, and goes to sit down with her. The rest of the night he just sips at that microbrew. I need to do this more often."

Hi Lisa.


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