Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Growing Problem

A lively two-seamer, a wicked slider, and blonde highlights.
This is starting to be a little off-putting.
Joe Crede, understandable.
AJ Pierynski, expected.
Freddy Garcia, too much.
At least Podsednik still has a haircut you could set your watch to. Oswaldo seriously needs to have a talk with the guys, and straighten this whole thing out. Because going into the regular season looking like this guy is not a good idea.

We have many baseball technique.

Japan is cocky and confident entering the WBC. Victory is guaranteed, according to Japanese manager Sadaharu Oh, and their "stylistic variations" and "thrilling defense" will leave the other Asian teams wondering what hit them. Their players have followed the skipper's lead, and have also said that they're sure that Japan will win their group.

Put a leash on that puppy, Japan.

He was lights-out.

A Texas-sized congratulations goes out to England's Paul Collingwood. Today, he scored 134 runs in his turn at-bat, including leaving the yard 4 times against India.

He was up to bat for almost 6 hours.

If we were betting men, we'd wager that Paul will celebrate by horsepounding a whole bunch of snakebite at the local saloon tonight.

You deserve it, Paul.


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