Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back in the USSR

Iran's self-proclaimed "face guy."
Okay, we might have underestimated those Russians. They're trying again. Today, in Moscow, Iran's top nuclear officials are involved in closed-door talks with the Comrades in an attempt to avert a modern-day Cuban Missile Crisis.
With only days remaining to the deadline for a much-anticipated report by the UN's nuclear watchdog committee, last-gasp efforts are being made by the Russians.
No surprise here.
If Iran does not back down from its not-entirely-sane nuclear policy, the UN will impose economic sanctions on the Islam state. Then, the Russians will lose a lot of money, seeing as they are a big economical partner of Iran's. Then, Iran will continue its claims of wiping out entire countries. Then, people are gonna die, which is never good.

Good lord.

Barry Bonds doesn't need any help making an ass out of himself, but he sure as shit needs some lessons in attempting to be funny by dressing up. We think we know someone who could give him some advice regarding his wardrobe choices.

His teammate Mike Sweeney said, "It was almost embarrassing to have him do it."

Almost embarrassing? Almost?!

Sweeney, that picture is gonna haunt us for the rest of our lives.


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