Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuscon Photo Journal

Big Hurt Feelings
Is it just us, or has there been an awful lot of mud-slinging going down? First Oswaldo Guillen calls Nomar "a hypocrite" and says A-Rod is "full of shit." Now, Kenny calls Frank Thomas "an idiot."

Now he's playing for the White Elephants.

Ken Macha loves his new lineup. He claims that each team "is a contender in February."

By the way, let's congratulate Billy Beane on picking up Frank the Tank, whom Billy calls "the ultimate Moneyball player." Good work, Beane. Your team consists of Milton Bradley, Jason Kendall, Eric Chavez, and a bunch of high school pitchers.

And Barry Zito.

Billy Beane, you are a true genius.

Watch out, Pierzynski.

Joseph "no middle name" Crede is giving A.J. a run for his money in what apparently is the White Sox Spring Training Kentucky Waterfall Derby. That is definitely a hesher in the making.

Fastball, curveball, changeup: she no speak english.

We like his 94 mph cheese. His change ain't too bad, either. But, he's only good enough to be the number 5 starter in the White Sox rotation, behind John "Judy" Garland. Maybe it's his shoddy mechanics.

Which means forget about opening day, Javy. Your first start will be against some bush-league belly-itcher.

He calls his shot: "Detroit's season, off two rails, into the side pocket."

You wonder why Detroit is a piss-poor franchise. They are horrible. They haven't had a winning season since 1993! Sparky Anderson? Travis Fryman? Is this ringing any bells?

Of course it isn't.

When your bullpen is shooting stick while "waiting to get their pictures taken," I think that's a sign that winning the pennant isn't at the top of the list.


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