Friday, February 03, 2006

Polamalu Injures Ankle, Refuses Haircut

How long's your ponytail now?

According to the only pool reporter allowed by the NFL to watch the Pittsburgh Steeler's practice, Troy "Goldilocks" Polamalu "tweaked" his ankle in practice yesterday. Officialy listed as probable, Polamalu is an impact player on Pitt's D, often coming into the box for run support, and an integral part of the Steeler's blitz packages.

He has been a manimal in the playoffs, and the guy hits like a freight train.

If he is out, or slowed down at all, Mack Strong and Shaun Alexander could have a little easier time finding holes to run through.

He's been icing jack-and-waters since you were in diapers.

Ben Roethlisberger likes the sauce. Git 'er dun, Ben. Win the big game, then go drink yourself stupid. I'll be cheering for him. I won't be as drunk as him, but I'll still be cheering.

Life ain't fair.

Try not to get shot in the ass.



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