Thursday, February 02, 2006

Massive Korean Enters Ring, Stinks

Korean Frankenstein vs Ex-underwear model

In case anyone missed last friday's K1 showdown in the Tokyo Dome, I will fill you in on a superb fight. While there were no thrilling knockdowns, no roundhouse kicks, not even a flying knee to the head, it sure as shit was fun to watch a giant, giant Korean chase Remy "the Flying Gentleman" Bonjasky around the ring. A two-time world champion. Not exactly a lightwieght. If you know anything about K1, you know who Remy is. If you've ever seen one of his fights, you know what he does: He beats the living shit out of people, and looks good doing it.

His opponent? Hong-Man Choi (Korean Frankenstein), in a fight scheduled for 3 rounds.

Remy Bonjasky, the Dutch kickboxer, is 6'4" and weighs 230 pounds. Hong-Man is 7'2" and weighs 355. You gotta love K1. In no other sport do you see such a size difference in the ring. It was like Greg Ostertag vs Spud Webb.

It was money.

Remy won the fight (by unanimous decision), but barely. The Korean bullrushed, swung wildly, and kept on a'comin. The Dutchman tried several times to kick his freakishly huge opponent in the face, and almost did, but he was stopped by the fact that the Korean was just too fucking huge. His work on Hong-Man's lower body is what got him a tough victory, which was all he was looking for when he scheduled this fight.

Remy's old, but he's still got some go in him.


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