Monday, February 20, 2006

Chicago Gold

More proof that America is the best country on the planet. Holland is a distant third.

Shani Davis, a 23 year old kid from the South Side of Chicago, became the first black athlete to win an individual gold medal in Winter Olympics history. On Saturday, he blew away the competition in the 1000 meter speed skate. He was the favorite, and already held the World Record for that distance.

It sure as shit ain't a Cubs hat.

Then, after winning the gold, he takes a victory lap around the ice in a White Sox hat.

What a stud.

If I ever see him at the Happy Village, I'm buying him a Hamm's.

But, as always is the case, you cannot achieve glory in the unblinking eye of the public spotlight without controversy, and in this case, controversy is named Chad Hedrick. This self-loving douchebag from Texas got mad that Shani withdrew from the team skate competition to prepare fully for the 1000, which is his specialty.

Chad claims that if Shani was a real team player who cared about his country, he should have raced in the team event, and not focus on his best discipline (and what was, in hindsight, pretty much a guaranteed gold medal for the Yanks).

However, Chad just wanted to win a record-tying fifth gold medal in these games, and he says that the US team "can't be beat if [Shani] skates." So, basically, he wanted Shani to not focus on his best event, and guarantee Chad his 5th gold medal.

Greedy bastard.

Get off your high horse, Chad.


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